Hi, I’m Lucian Teo

I am currently (2021) at a juncture where I find myself in a transitory stage of my life. God has been extremely gracious to me thus far.

My journey to this point has been made up of a few chapters that overlap between intellectual interests and paid work:

  • working with many smarter people to navigate this foggy path of what the future of the internet should be in the role of strengthening social cohesion, empowering individuals, regaining equality and equilibrium across multiple axes, and how governments and tech platforms can work together towards a good outcome for all.
  • educating internet users all around the world on using the internet safely; protected from scammers and bad actors. Helping families gain some control over device use in the home, and inspiring people to shift from consumers of content to creators of content and experiences, both online and offline.
  • helping governments use technology more effectively. Making sure that user-experience and design principles are an integral part of service delivery. I also was particularly involved in the area of communicating government policies and mobilising citizenry in online spaces.

Elements that have been constant in my life have been technology, storytelling, and the need to build more empathy among human beings.

This site began as a way for me to to write to my wife.